Kesher Middle School & Kesher High  

Kesher Middle School -  חטיבת ביניים קשר
Judaic Studies:
To be a Jew in the 21st Century...

The two-year Kesher Middle School program is designed to be an exploration of what it means to be a Jew in the 21st century. Using a backdrop of key events in Jewish history, the class explores institutions, religious practices and Jewish peoplehood, both in America and Israel, to develop a context for the traditions and practices that they have been learning at Kesher and/or in their own homes.


The Kesher Middle School program also includes a year long Tzedakah Project. Project activities and the beneficiaries of the students’ efforts are chosen by the students themselves.  This portion of the curriculum is intended to give the students a very practical stake in the Jewish communities that they are joining as they prepare for their Bar and Bat Mitzvot. 

Who? Grades 6-8
When? Wednesdays 3:00-5:45* 
*day subject to change upon release of public school calendars
Current Events/Critical Thinking

Learning is enhanced with the use of the Talmudic style of debates and discussions to understand the practical and philosophical considerations that define modern jewish life and practices. Using this method, Kesher Middle School students get the opportunity to develop and articulate their own thoughts while learning to appreciate opinions that might be different than their own. 

Ivrit (Hebrew)

Students will learn and practice their Hebrew through actually using it in real-life. Through art, cooking, drama, film, music and more, students will enhance their Hebrew language vocabulary through the proficiency approach to learning a language.  Students will also participate as pen-pals with the CJP Boston-Haifa School 2 School partnership. 

Interested in Kesher Middle School for the 2020-2021 year?


Teen Ulpan Track for Grades 6-12

We will be offering a special teen ulpan track for grades 6-12, with more intensive conversational Hebrew study, which will also meet on Monday afternoons from 3:00-5:45

Tiyulim for Grades 6-12

New this year for grades 6-12 (included in Kesher Middle School tuition): TIYULIM- a monthly field trip program  which will explore Jewish Boston and beyond!  A great way for Kesher alumni to connect.