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Kesher after-school is our original, signature K-5 program. Students attend twice a week from 3:00-5:45 to participate in modern Hebrew learning,  Judaic studies and exciting electives. Families commit for an entire year. 

Kesher After-School  

Our Program

Kesher After-School meets twice a week on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays. Students experience game-based modern Hebrew learning, Judaic studies, and fun chugim (electives). 

Kesher is in sync with the Newton Public School calendar. We meet 2:50 - 5:45 on most days, and offer early drop-off at 12:20 on Wednesdays for Newton/Needham/Brookline/Waltham early release days. Drop-off is rolling during Hebrew immersive snack and free time. Classes begin at 3:30.


  Judaism יהדות 
  Chugim (Electives) חוגים 
Emphasis on Conversational Hebrew

Kesher’s philosophy to teaching Hebrew is based on the proficiency approach. Through the proficiency approach, language becomes relevant to the learners. At Kesher, this learner-centered approach emphasizes the ability to function in Hebrew, to actually be able to use the language playing soccer and board games, having snacks, in social interactions with staff and other kids. The students are divided into groups that are based on proficiency and developmental appropriateness.

Unit themes are designed to be relevant to the children's lives – the Kesher environment, family, home, things we do in the home, holidays, and Israel. The students revisit these themes each year with a variation on the theme at a higher proficiency level in all the skill areas: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar. All proficiency levels work on the same themes at the same time, creating an environment of cohesiveness.

A 3-Year Cycle

The Kesher Judaics curriculum is based on a 3-year cycle. The whole school learns the same themes at the same time, but in age appropriate ways. As children grow up in Kesher, they revisit these themes, with greater depth as they mature developmentally. 

Year 1: מחזורים - Jewish Holidays, Jewish Calendar and Life Cycle
Year 2: ערכים - Jewish Ethics and Values
Year 3: סיפורים והיסטוריה - Torah, Tanach, and Jewish History to the Present

We approach the Judaics curriculum much in the same way as the Rabbis thought about the Torah, each time discovering new ideas and experiences with an ever-growing depth. We have created a three-year cycle, each year setting the course for a different journey through the same Jewish text. Each year we draw upon the other two themes (as well as many more themes) to support the focus. With each meeting of a holiday, of an event in history, or a Jewish value or custom, the children glean something new and relevant to their lives.

Creativity and Discovery

At Kesher we encourage students to constantly learn and grow through creativity and discovery. Students participate in a variety of fun chugim. All chugim are taught in Hebrew, some with aspects of Judaism woven in.

Some examples include:
Israeli Dance


Krav Maga
Board Game Design
Klezmer Kids
Story Telling
Building with Legos

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