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  Kesher Sapa to 5K and Yom Kef!  

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Kesher Sapa to 5K and Yom Kef!  
מהספה למירוץ 5 קילומטר ויום כיף בקשר!

We're almost to the finish line!
This year has brought significant challenges to families, children, and educators. Kesher Newton rose to the challenge and offered safe, compassionate, ruach-filled in-person support when it was hard to find. This required an exorbitant amount of creativity, flexibility, staffing, and public health guidance. It also required significant financial investment, as Kesher added technology, PPE, air quality monitors, and individual supplies to keep children engaged and safe.  

Join us in a 5K fundraiser to keep Kesher running into the future! 


5K run  Sunday, June 13 @ 10:30 am
Yom Kef 12:00-2:30

(Rain date for both events is June 20) 

Run, walk, or skip a 5K & raise money for Kesher. Get sponsored by relatives, neighbors, friends & local businesses....Then celebrate with a "Yom Kef" (day of fun) - the parking lot you all know so well will turn into a carnival with activities (juggling anyone? Henna? Petting zoo?), prizes to be won, and of course music and dance! 

5K begins at Cold Spring Park: 1094 Beacon St. in Newton
Celebrate right after at a Yom Kef in the parking lot of Temple Reyim/Kesher (1860 Washington St. Newton)

Kesher students, families, friends, and community members!

Because Kesher Newton has risen to the challenge this year, and we want Kesher to keep going strong!



Race begins at Cold Spring Park => Finishes at Kesher





Ready to start running?!
Join Kesher students Mira & Eva Niederman and their parents Sarah & Jeff for a light practice run at Cold Spring Park this coming Sunday 5/16 at 10 am.

Meet them near the tennis courts

watch this video from our spiritual and physical leader by Rabbi Berman from Temple Reyim

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