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  הצוות והמורים

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אילנה שנפסטילר
מנהלת קשר ניוטון
(617) 244-5390

אילנה מונתה למנכ"לית קשר ניוטון  ביוני 2014. היא בעלת ניסיון של למעלה מ 13 שנים בהוראה במסגרות בלתי פורמליות ופורמליות. לאחר שלימדה במגוון מסגרות יהודיות, היא שמחה לקדם ולהעצים את הקהילה הפלורליסטית של קשר. בעבר אילנה כיהנה כמנהלת מחוז אזורית בליגה נגד השמצה בניו אינגלנד וכמנהלת לעניינים אקדמיים בקונסוליה הכללית של ישראל לניו אינגלנד. אילנה היא בעלת תואר שני . בלימודי המזרח הקדום, יהדות ועברית מאוניברסיטת ברנדייס. לאילנה תעודת הוראה לחינוך יסודי מטעם מדינת מסצ'וסטס 


בהתבסס על חווית ההשכלה היהודית שלה, אילנה נלהבת לגשר על הפער שבין תלמידי בית הספר היהודי לבין תלמיד בית ספר יהודי משלים. אילנה מתגוררת בברוקליין עם בעלה אבנר, ואיזי בן השנתיים.

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 Beth Kozinn  
Director of Operations

Beth Kozinn, who has been with Kesher since 2021,  is excited to be back at Kesher for another year. A graduate of Brandeis University and Suffolk Law School, Beth has worked primarily in the non-profit sector. During her 25 years working for the Union for Reform Judaism, Beth served as a regional office manager, executive assistant, event planner, and program coordinator for Introduction to Judaism programs. When not at Kesher Beth enjoys volunteering at Temple Beth Avodah and Mayyim Hayyim Community Mikveh, gardening, reading, exercising and music. Beth lives in Newton with her husband and they have a daughter who is a senior in college.
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  Cassie Seinuk
Anafim Teacher 
(grades 4-5)
Rosh Drama, Communications Coordinator

We are thrilled to welcome back Cassie Seinuk to the Kesher team! Cassie began at Kesher in 2013 as an Assistant Shorashim teacher, and has taught Hebrew and Judaic Studies, as well as directed the Hebrew-infused Kesher musical and Kesher's arts-based learning program for many years after. Cassie  is a Jewish Cuban playwright and AEA stage manager with a BA from Brandeis University with High Honors in Theatre Arts and Creative Writing, and her MFA in Writing for Stage and Screen from Lesley University. Currently, she is an Instructor of Theater Arts at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Cassie has experience working with all ages, including running youth services at Temple Reyim, and directing the Hebrew-infused musicals at Camp Yavneh and Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston. Cassie lives in the metrowest area with her husband and two young children. 
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  Debbie Percher
(grades K-1)

 Debbie is very excited to join the staff of Kesher Newton. After having had the opportunity to sub and familiarize herself with the program last year, Debbie is thrilled to become a teacher in the school. She strongly believes that the best way to learn a language is by having the opportunity to speak it. She also believes that it is best to learn about the Jewish heritage and culture by experiencing it – hands-on. It is her full intent to explore these avenues this year at Kesher. 
Over the years, Debbie has worked in a variety of formal and informal Jewish Education settings and brings with her many years of experience working with elementary school children of all ages. 
Debbie holds a BA degree in Jewish History from Haifa University, an MA degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary, as well as an MLS degree. 
In her free time, Debbie enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling with her husband. 
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  Rabbi Daniel Victor
Nitzanim Yahadut Teacher 
(grades 2-3)

Daniel Victor is enthusiastic to be joining the staff at Kesher this year.  He is an ordained rabbi and has a master's in Jewish education.  Daniel has spent twelve years working in synagogues and over twenty years at Jewish camps and other informal learning environments.  He feels blessed having had the opportunity to work with Jewish youth as they learn Hebrew, study Jewish texts, celebrate all the holidays during the Jewish calendar year and life-cycle milestones. Daniel believes that Hebrew is not just the language of our sacred texts, it is the language of daily life; How we say hello and goodbye, how we wish each other joy and comfort, and experience the dynamic moments in our lives.  He looks forward to learning together with the students as they build their foundation of Jewish knowledge and explore the Jewishly infused moments in their lives.  
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 Saja Azem Khawaled  
Ivrit Teacher

Before coming to the US, Saja was an elementary school math and science teacher at the Yad b'Yad school in Jerusalem, an integrated, bilingual school for both Jewish and Arab students in Israel. Saja was also a  summer science school program instructor for Israel's Ministry of Science and Technology,  a children's instructor for ALUT-Israeli Society for Children with Autism, as well as a computer and robotics instructor at Taibe High School. Saja holds a B.A. in chemical engineering from Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem, as well as  General and Advanced teaching certificates from the David Yellin Academic College of Education in Jerusalem. Saja taught Shorashim Hebrew and was a Lifnei Kesher teacher in the Spring of 2021 at Kesher Newton. Saja currently lives in Cambridge with her husband, who is doing a post-doc at MIT, and her young daughter. 

Miriam Picture.png
  Miriam Ben-Ur
Ivrit Teacher

Miriam is delighted to be starting her second year at Kesher.  Miriam has a BA in International Studies and has always loved languages, music and cultures of the world. Miriam started tutoring languages in college and since then she has taught Spanish, French and Hebrew. 
In her free time, Miriam enjoys playing music with friends and spending time outdoors.
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​  נומי טרנבל
עוזרת למנכ"לית
ראש ריקוד (מנהלת קשרוקד) / עברית

נומי עברה לבוסטון מישראל לפני מספר שנים, שם עבדה במשרד הרווחה. בעלת תואר B.A. ביחסים בינלאומיים מאוניברסיטת וויסקונסין ותואר שני בעסקים בינלאומיים שלמדה בפריז. בעבר, נומי עבדה בדיפלומטיה ציבורית בקונסוליה הכללית של ישראל לניו אינגלנד וכמומחית לחינוך בבית הספר היהודי במילטון. נומי רקדה מאז לפני שהספיקה ללכת, והופיעה, לימדה וכוריאוגרפית בלהקות ריקוד ברחבי העולם. בזמנם הפנוי הדמיוני היא אוהבת לטייל, לרקוד סלסה, וכן מביימת את עונות-קיץ (להקות מחול ישראלי של החטיבה והתיכון בבוסטון).

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  Joe Wolke  
Middle School Yahadut Teacher, Tikkun Olam and Tiyulim Coordinator

Joe Wolke teaches the Judaic studies portion of Kesher Middle School. Joe is a recently retired Technology Consultant who’s passion has always been the study and teaching of Jewish history and culture. A Brandeis University graduate with more than 40 credit hours in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS), Joe is a lifelong student who continues to study in synagogue and community based programs. He regularly participates in the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America’s online and group sessions and will once again, this summer, be attending Hartman’s Community Leadership Program in Jerusalem. He has also participated in the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism’s National Leadership Training Program (Sulam) for synagogue leaders. Joe has taught both student and adult classes in American Jewish history and for many years gave bus tours of Jewish Chicago. He loves seeing children (especially his grandchildren) develop the same love of Jewish history and culture that he has. He is excited to be continuing with the Kesher Newton team in developing and teaching this exciting Judaic studies program for middle school students.

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  Liz Levin   
Project Based Learning Consultant

Liz Levin grew up in Baltimore in an active Jewish family, belonged to Jewish youth groups, and attended summer camp affiliated with Habonim Dror, a Labor Zionist organization. As a teen, Liz began working in Jewish education as a tutor and youth group counselor, and she served as a delegate to the World Zionist Congress in Israel.

In college, Liz majored in History and Religious Studies at McGill University in Montreal. She holds a Certificate in Jewish Informal Education, Leadership, and Camping from Hebrew College and a Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners from Cambridge University. She earned her MA in Religious Education from Hebrew Union College in 2014 and has been running formal and informal Jewish educational programs in the Boston area for a decade. She is currently the Jewish Experiential Educator at the JCC of Greater Boston. Liz lives in Waltham with her husband and three young daughters.

Subject 15.png
  Aaron Bental  
IT Director
Aaron grew up in the Boston area and has been working in IT for the last 15 years. He has worked with a number of educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. In addition to managing Kesher’s technology, he also runs the sound for Kesher’s dance and drama programs. When not behind a computer, Aaron can usually be found doing something dance-related: teaching dance classes, editing music and videos, volunteering on the board of the Israel Folkdance Festival of Boston, or simply dancing for fun. Aaron lives in the Boston area with his wife, baby daughter and two cats.
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